Saturday, October 29, 2005

More fun with sculpey

It's a sleeping dragon. With his tail over his eyes. (It's about three-quarters of an inch tall and wide. Sits neatly on a penny.)
It was the same green used in the buckle text, and I had started it right after finishing the buckle. It was, however, 4am so I decided to stash the dragon and work on it later.

Then I finished it the following evening, and as I was setting out to bake it, the immortal word "Squid" struck.

Ten tentacles, 48 suckers. This little bugger is decked out, I tell you. (One inch tall, one and three-quarters inches at widest arm span.)

Yes, these were all made after the hour of midnight. Did you even need to ask?

[Addendum: The squid got upgraded.

Squid: Now with spoon and boat eating action! (That's a little paper boat in the squid's right 2nd front tentacle.)


Anonymous said...

Squid!!!!!! I heartily aprove. Great job with the mini-mullusk.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should set up a mini store for your fantabulous procrasti-creations?