Sunday, December 04, 2005

Silly hats & more!

It started out with a BSed-at-3am-in-the-dark prototype penguin cap.
Then I made a second, better penguin hat.
Then I realized that the hat base could be ... well, used as a hat base for stuff.
So I raided a fabric store for fleece and several hours later, I had hats.

We have, going clockwise: a penguin with flipper-earflaps, Roman Legionnaire helm with cheekplates that work as ear flaps, and Cthulhu-hat, complete with squiggly face and wings. (I haven't quite finished him, actually. A few hand sewing bits haven't happened yet. Also the eyes...)

Fun fact: it's my Nietzsche plushie doll that's wearing the penguin hat. You can see a little bit of his grey trousers under the left wing of Cthulhu.

(I discuss how I made these on Instructables)

I had a few caffeinated drinks and now I'm running a dozen projects, most of them silly hats, but a few non-hat ones. Like the glass vase I etched. The thing is a single flower (or so) rose-plum tinted vase with (suprise!) a rose etched on it.

Sorry, the glare off the glass renders the design hard to see. But it seemed lonely and I didn't have any random flowers to put in the vase. But I did have alot of wire around. A few minutes with pliers and voila-- wire rose. It's really 3-D, so the photo just makes it look like a skeletal crumpled up tinfoil ball. Bah.

On the left is a close up of the flower portion of the etch. It's definitely a stylized image. I found a nice design that's meant to be a tattoo, stretched it, tweaked it and then etched it. I think I like it.

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