Monday, May 01, 2006

Paperclips & Nietzsche trump finals week

It's a paperclip, really.
I had a paper that was pretty long, since I had figures/images attatched. My fairly-heavy-duty stapler wimped out and couldn't staple the 23 pages. I searched the room for paperclips/binderclips/bulldogclips, but alas, found none. I've learnt from prior experience that sewing paper isn't going to work, not without special tools. I didn't have a 3 hole punch, and I didn't have any drill bits. And then I remembered I had plenty of wire. So: a study of desperate invention in copper 18g wire.

Here's a photo of it in action:

So I had an exam in an hour. What do I do? This: Rasterized Nietzsche image
(I didn't have a Superman hat, else that would've been in the photo too. 00bermensch!)


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Anonymous said...

Drat. I remembered way late that I forgot to bring down my hole punch to you. I'm glad that my absentminded-ness yielded shiny ingenuity though! Sorry just the same for being a flake. ~BBA