Monday, April 24, 2006

Oh, look, MORE glass

MWFencing Club "logo"
(It's a stylized "MW" with a "F" in the middle.)
Canadian maple leaf
(You may not be willing to take a bullet for your country, but you can take a shot instead.)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Sorry, it doesn't have teeth, but it is classy.

I had bought a basswood box from the craftstore (I think it cost less than 2$) and taken a coping saw to it, cutting a window into the top of the box. I had installed a pane of glass in it and then tossed it in the faculty/student lounge to hold tea.
And then I got bored or something, and took it back, removed the glass and etched the chinese/japanese characters for (suprise!) "Tea" and "Box" on it.

Here's the box with tea in it.
It's about 8 inches wide. I don't recall the exact dimensions.

Though it does look very nice, don't be fooled: it's a the box is of a light wood, and was very, very cheap. I wasn't all that accurate with the coping saw, either, so the cut lines aren't crisp. I did sand a polish and burnish the box, and waxed it too, so it's loads classier than what it started out as.

(The box is now back in the lounge and stocked with tea. )