Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Quick update: champaign flutes, metal rose, shirts

Pair of champagn flutes: one side with Bride and Groom The other side with initials, interlocked rings, and wedding date

Aluminum rose: circular sheet aluminum, approx 18 ga. Brass threaded rod and steel nuts.
Three shirt logos:
And shots of the tshirts, for size approximation.
The SPQR shirt is a dark heather grey. The Greek shirt is a light dusty moss (I think it's called "willow") and the Good Idea shirt is a turquoise shade.

It's kind of hard to convey colors in an unlit room with lousy photography.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Pirates! Booze! What could be better?

Pirates are awesome. Shot glasses are awesome. Pirate shot glasses are AWESOME.
I rest my case:

It's a single glass with five designs
From the left, going clockwise:
Blackbeard, Jack Sparrow, Long John Silvers, Sir Edmund Drake.

Paperclips & Nietzsche trump finals week

It's a paperclip, really.
I had a paper that was pretty long, since I had figures/images attatched. My fairly-heavy-duty stapler wimped out and couldn't staple the 23 pages. I searched the room for paperclips/binderclips/bulldogclips, but alas, found none. I've learnt from prior experience that sewing paper isn't going to work, not without special tools. I didn't have a 3 hole punch, and I didn't have any drill bits. And then I remembered I had plenty of wire. So: a study of desperate invention in copper 18g wire.

Here's a photo of it in action:

So I had an exam in an hour. What do I do? This: Rasterized Nietzsche image
(I didn't have a Superman hat, else that would've been in the photo too. 00bermensch!)