Saturday, December 17, 2005

Post exams post

(I discuss how I made these on Instructables)
I think I shall plan out plushy Legionnaire arms and armor, as well as Hoplite arms and armor. I've already got the Legionnaire helm and a pilum and then I made:

Fleece Corinthian helmet.

Nothing fuels creativity like stress + no sleep + caffiene!

Still missing from the line up: Duck hat, Crab hat, Dragon hat v.2, uh... I can't remember what else. I'll get back to you on that one.

I'm not entirely sure what is up next on my to-do list, but that's certainly not due to a lack of possibilities. Fruits Basket Juunishi hats, superhero hats, felting, quilling, glass etching, so much stuff! Totally not going to do it all.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Glass etching & Hats!

Technically, I've got several more hats and some other etched glass projects done, but I don't have photo evidence for those yet. I do have photo evidence for the latest completed item, something I pretty much had no hand in making: (read: Trillian did all the work)

Corsair Cola mug! (& A closer, clearer shot of the lettering)

Actually, you can have some hat pictures too:


Mouse/Yuki & Cow/Not-actually-Hatsuharu


(I discuss how I made these on Instructables)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Guess what I've been working on? Hint: Begins with "H" ends with "@"

(I discuss how I made these on Instructables)
At first there was PenguinHat v.1, then PenguinHat v.2 was commissioned. Then there was CthulhuHat, the CenturionHelmetHat. Then I made a DragonHat (picture pending, still), a Chibi-AlphoseHat (from Full Metal Alchemist), RaccoonHat, and a PandaHat.
And so, HATS!

Dan posing with Cthulhu eating his head.

G!Sam posing with Chibi-Al

RaccoonHat Frontish

RaccoonHat Backish


Sunday, December 04, 2005

Silly hats & more!

It started out with a BSed-at-3am-in-the-dark prototype penguin cap.
Then I made a second, better penguin hat.
Then I realized that the hat base could be ... well, used as a hat base for stuff.
So I raided a fabric store for fleece and several hours later, I had hats.

We have, going clockwise: a penguin with flipper-earflaps, Roman Legionnaire helm with cheekplates that work as ear flaps, and Cthulhu-hat, complete with squiggly face and wings. (I haven't quite finished him, actually. A few hand sewing bits haven't happened yet. Also the eyes...)

Fun fact: it's my Nietzsche plushie doll that's wearing the penguin hat. You can see a little bit of his grey trousers under the left wing of Cthulhu.

(I discuss how I made these on Instructables)

I had a few caffeinated drinks and now I'm running a dozen projects, most of them silly hats, but a few non-hat ones. Like the glass vase I etched. The thing is a single flower (or so) rose-plum tinted vase with (suprise!) a rose etched on it.

Sorry, the glare off the glass renders the design hard to see. But it seemed lonely and I didn't have any random flowers to put in the vase. But I did have alot of wire around. A few minutes with pliers and voila-- wire rose. It's really 3-D, so the photo just makes it look like a skeletal crumpled up tinfoil ball. Bah.

On the left is a close up of the flower portion of the etch. It's definitely a stylized image. I found a nice design that's meant to be a tattoo, stretched it, tweaked it and then etched it. I think I like it.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Retroactivity! WTFBuckle!

WTF is it?
It's a WTFBuckle!

Actually, it's a spoon + some wire acting as a buckle. I'll have to find some photos of it in action...

I don't only work in sculpey, y'know...

Meet Mr.Called-Referendum-Until-We-Come-Up-With-Another-Name,
Mascot of DemonWares Inc.
I swear it's not supposed to be that pixel-y, but Blogger ate the image quality or something...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I lied. Earrings > Sleep

Now I am going to sleep. After having made these:

Christmas Tree earrings!
Sterling (Argentium!) wire, anodized aluminum bells. (They most definitely jingle.)
Penny on card for scale. The trees area about 1.5".

Holiday Cheer~

Maybe I should make some wire turkey earrings before Thanksgiving...

And one more sculpey egg for the road

Will be starting back on my academic marathon week of hell after a short respite. The crowning achievement of the evening? Well, doing some fancy computer-y magic, and:

Catwoman. Egg. (Sitting on a penny.) With whip.
Thank you, and good night.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sculpey > Hegelian Aesthetics on Greek Tragedy

Celebratory sculpey squishing:

From left back row: BigBunny, Balthazar
Front row little 'uns: MiniTotoro, SlugBunny, LittleBunny.
(Oddly enough, the only ones I made in this batch were the pink ones: BigBunny & LittleBunny. The rest are Trillian's.)

Mr.BigBunny is sitting on a penny, if you needed scale.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Cruxshadows + Sculpey == Awesome

We watched Shadowbox, CXS DVD. I couldn't really watch the screen continually 'cause the flashing lights were making my head hurt, so I played with sculpey. (See the EggSong link if you have no clue about the profusion of strange looking eggs here.)

Rogue. With purple-based, spikey hair. And a microphone. And black eyeshadow.

Need I say more?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Studying for Classics 101: an exercise in sculpey

I have several papers and a midterm.
I also have a Ra's al Ghul egg:

And here's Ra's and Robin facing off, if you want to extrapolate the scale:

Monday, October 31, 2005

Do we see a trend? (Hint: Eggs & sculpey)

I was productive! I made sculpey-thingies! Oh, and I did some homework, wrote a paper, blahblahblah. We know what's important.

Over the weekend I made:
a duck (approx 1/4" long)
a penguin (approx 1/4" tall)
an oven mitt (approx 1/2" long)
Batman, I-Love-Egg style (approx 1" tall)
Robin egg (approx 3/4" tall)

Photos have yet to be compiled, but here are a few:

^The Batman egg being threatened by a SD Storm Trooper.

And these are shots of the Robinegg. The one on the right gives you some sense of scale: he's sitting on a dime.

(The duck and penguin I made are about the same size the "R" logo on the Robinegg! They also look like they had an accident with some fireworks. I'll explain when I have photos... It makes sense, really.)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

More fun with sculpey

It's a sleeping dragon. With his tail over his eyes. (It's about three-quarters of an inch tall and wide. Sits neatly on a penny.)
It was the same green used in the buckle text, and I had started it right after finishing the buckle. It was, however, 4am so I decided to stash the dragon and work on it later.

Then I finished it the following evening, and as I was setting out to bake it, the immortal word "Squid" struck.

Ten tentacles, 48 suckers. This little bugger is decked out, I tell you. (One inch tall, one and three-quarters inches at widest arm span.)

Yes, these were all made after the hour of midnight. Did you even need to ask?

[Addendum: The squid got upgraded.

Squid: Now with spoon and boat eating action! (That's a little paper boat in the squid's right 2nd front tentacle.)

Friday, October 28, 2005

Leather & Sculpey: So much cooler than presentations on Popper & Marx

Ha hah!

We have here a leather cuff with double straps & buckles. Heavy weight brown leather, harness grade. Also: shiny!

We also have a buckle. A SWASH buckle, no less.

These are what you get when I am awake at 3 am and hate the world.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Procrastination is the mother of all creation

As expected, in writing a paper I sidetracked in to creating things utterly unrelated, and voila: this.