Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More bisqueware that I neglected to post last time

For more information, refer to title of this post.
Leaf saucer thinger. 3.5" high, approx. Slab+coil built. (Bisq.)

Organic vase with cut-out and texture. Approx 5.5" Slab built. (Bisq.)
This might be my favorite item. It actually did what I wanted it to do.

Pinchpot+Quadrapeds, and mini-Pinchpot+Quadapeds 2.5" and 0.5" tall. Pinched. (Bisq.)

So I glazed some pots

There'll be a brief description of the object, the type(s) of glaze(s) used, and whether it was fired in oxidation or reduction.
Burnished pinch pot with turquoise wood ash glaze on the inside. Oxidation.

Cylinder thing. Grey engobe & mishma technique. Acidentally got overfired in oxidation.

The claw+cup thing. JH black glaze on inside of cup, and white glaze on claws and bone handle. Oxidation.

Box! Woodash glaze on left, gold patina on right. Much of it was scraped/sponged off to highlight the texture. Oxidation.