Friday, October 13, 2006

Oh, hey, I'm in a ceramics class...

The pieces posted here are for some of the projects assigned. The really ugly pieces aren't included.
The parenthetical notes are for which stage the piece is in: Greenware, Bisqueware, Glazedware, Finished. I don't have anything past the Bisqueware stage, though.
Another post will contain some of the pieces I made outside of class assignments.

Coil built vase thinger. Approx 10". (Bisq.)

Exposed coil pot. Approx 5". (Bisq.)

Box with cut-out lid, slab construction. Approx 4.5". (Bisq.)

Pitcher, base form thrown, decorations inset slab. Approx 6". (Bisq.)

Slab built & cut pot. Engobed (will fire to blue) with sgraffito. Approx 4". (Green.)