Friday, November 11, 2005

Retroactivity! WTFBuckle!

WTF is it?
It's a WTFBuckle!

Actually, it's a spoon + some wire acting as a buckle. I'll have to find some photos of it in action...

I don't only work in sculpey, y'know...

Meet Mr.Called-Referendum-Until-We-Come-Up-With-Another-Name,
Mascot of DemonWares Inc.
I swear it's not supposed to be that pixel-y, but Blogger ate the image quality or something...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I lied. Earrings > Sleep

Now I am going to sleep. After having made these:

Christmas Tree earrings!
Sterling (Argentium!) wire, anodized aluminum bells. (They most definitely jingle.)
Penny on card for scale. The trees area about 1.5".

Holiday Cheer~

Maybe I should make some wire turkey earrings before Thanksgiving...

And one more sculpey egg for the road

Will be starting back on my academic marathon week of hell after a short respite. The crowning achievement of the evening? Well, doing some fancy computer-y magic, and:

Catwoman. Egg. (Sitting on a penny.) With whip.
Thank you, and good night.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sculpey > Hegelian Aesthetics on Greek Tragedy

Celebratory sculpey squishing:

From left back row: BigBunny, Balthazar
Front row little 'uns: MiniTotoro, SlugBunny, LittleBunny.
(Oddly enough, the only ones I made in this batch were the pink ones: BigBunny & LittleBunny. The rest are Trillian's.)

Mr.BigBunny is sitting on a penny, if you needed scale.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Cruxshadows + Sculpey == Awesome

We watched Shadowbox, CXS DVD. I couldn't really watch the screen continually 'cause the flashing lights were making my head hurt, so I played with sculpey. (See the EggSong link if you have no clue about the profusion of strange looking eggs here.)

Rogue. With purple-based, spikey hair. And a microphone. And black eyeshadow.

Need I say more?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Studying for Classics 101: an exercise in sculpey

I have several papers and a midterm.
I also have a Ra's al Ghul egg:

And here's Ra's and Robin facing off, if you want to extrapolate the scale: