Monday, October 31, 2005

Do we see a trend? (Hint: Eggs & sculpey)

I was productive! I made sculpey-thingies! Oh, and I did some homework, wrote a paper, blahblahblah. We know what's important.

Over the weekend I made:
a duck (approx 1/4" long)
a penguin (approx 1/4" tall)
an oven mitt (approx 1/2" long)
Batman, I-Love-Egg style (approx 1" tall)
Robin egg (approx 3/4" tall)

Photos have yet to be compiled, but here are a few:

^The Batman egg being threatened by a SD Storm Trooper.

And these are shots of the Robinegg. The one on the right gives you some sense of scale: he's sitting on a dime.

(The duck and penguin I made are about the same size the "R" logo on the Robinegg! They also look like they had an accident with some fireworks. I'll explain when I have photos... It makes sense, really.)


Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, ickle penguins that can flop domino-style are essential!

Anonymous said...

eeee eee ee! duckie nad penguin! i still have the clam bivalve with the tongue sticking out you made me! :D thankyew