Monday, December 04, 2006

Some of my better finished pieces

Crane: slab construction. Tenmoku & Iron oxide, high-fired in oxidation.

Bowl: Thrown. Raku glaze, low-fired & reduced.

Bowl: Thrown. Clear, Black, Glossy Blue-Green,
Turquoise Ash, New Blue glazes. High-fired in oxidation.

Thinger: Coil & Slab construction. Glossy blue-green glaze
(cooled slowly? Matte.)
High-fired in Oxidation. Leaf acid etched on bottom.

Cup-thing: Slab construction. Blue engobe w/ glossy blue-green glaze.
High-fired in oxidation.
(See bottom of this post for a pre-bisq/glaze photo.)

Smoke-fired box. Bisqueware state.
(See middle of this post for a pre-smoking photo.)
Knob at top was lost during firing.
It's now Turq.Ash+GlossyBlue-Green glaze run-off
pried off the kiln shelf, ground flat and glued back-to-back.

Monkeywrench. Sculpted? Bisqueware, spray painted. (14" long)

And closeups of the wrench head

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